DJ Pierre

Back in the day when acid was just a tab, DJ Pierre was holed up in his Chicago bedroom inventing a sound which would impact on the music scene forever. In 1986, ‘acid house’ was in its pre-infancy when DJ Pierre picked up a 303 and the infamous "Acid Tracks" was born. Lighting then strikes twice in the 90s after Pierre moves to New York and invents another genre, Wild Pitch, with the release of "Generate Power". 

Afro Acid is DJ Pierre's vision for selecting music without boundaries. Acid, techno, house, disco, jackin, classics, soulful—be fearless, creative, and dig deep with your storytelling.

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Phuture is a Chicago based group founded in 1985 by DJ Pierre, Earl "Spanky" Smith AKA DJ Spank Spank and Herb J. The group's 1987 release "Acid tracks" lay claim to being the first-ever Acid house record using Roland's TB-303 that kick started a whole new genre of music that has been emulated by countless artists around the world.

As of 2017 Phuture's current members are DJ Pierre and Lessnoise, who tour worldwide as a live act.

The group lives on in memory of DJ Spank-Spank who passed away in 2016. The Phuture will survive. Acid will stay alive.

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LESSNOISE aka Fher Rivera is Atlanta-based and born in Mexico. He has been in the game since the early nineties and involved in multiple diverse projects. After landing his first residency at age 18, he has headlined important events in Central and North America and ran his own radio show in NYC, Downshift Radio. He has released records on Baroque, Get Physical, and Afro Acid to name a few.

Lessnoise is now the newest member of Phuture, working closely with DJ Pierre on the next generation of live sets from the legendary group founded by DJ Pierre, DJ Spank Spank, and Herb J that pioneered the first Acid House release "Acid Tracks".

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BEYUN comes to Afro Acid from Boston, where she founded VAULT, considered one of the city's legendary techno parties. She moved to Atlanta in 2017 to join the label as an artist and A&R.

Her selections exemplify the true storytelling power of the Afro Acid style—riding peaks of ruthless techno, acid, and jackin beats in between hypnotic, deep, soulful, and house-ier vibes. Techno soul.

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DJ ONE FIVE has had a thirst for music since the age of 15 when he got his first pair of Technics. Growing up in the celebrated musical city of Detroit, DJ One Five has had many musical influences, but through hearing and feeling Techno & House he found his passion.

Moving from Detroit to Atlanta in 2008, DJ One Five became a resident at Cloud IX in Atlanta. Since then he's held multiple weekly residencies that allowed him to invite, play & build relationships with many DJs throughout Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit. After bringing Chicago's Gene Hunt to Atlanta, One Five met the legendary DJ Pierre, who invited One Five to join the Afro Acid team.

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Nicki Monty

NICKI MONTY's love for music started at home. Her musical influence is very colourful by hearing jazz, salsa, r&b, hip hop, and house music. Nicki's love for music brought her to the music scene in NYC where she interned at Bad Boy Studios. After the internship ended, she decided to delve into the world of house music, which was rooted in her by living in Chicago for a few years as a teenager. 

Nicki's style of production and DJ'ing is as eclectic as her. She gives soul, deep house, and techno in her song selections as a dj, and her production varies from down tempo to hard. An artist among artists lies here with the Afro Acid family.

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Originally hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, ALEX LUCAS's passion for music reaches far past the iron curtain.  Early on, Alex was gifted Euro-dance mix tapes where he discovered producers such as Modjo, and Stardust.  His electronic evolution came when he heard Daft Punk's track, "One More Time.“  I was so inspired and I knew immediately that THIS is the kind of music I want to make!”

In 2017, Alex won the Beatport remix contest for DJ Pierre and Supernova’s track “Back 2 House.” This led to Pierre signing Alex to his label, Afro Acid.  Alex has held residencies in staple Atlanta dance venues Wild Pitch and Opera and performed at festivals Imagine, Monster, Alchemy and Sets at Sunset. He’s shared the stage with legendary dance music artists such as Riva Starr, Claptone, Gorgon City, Felix Da Housecat and Chris Lake. 

Alex continues to push the electronic envelope by completing his debut EP to be released on Afro Acid later this year.

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Alex π

ALEX π (3,14) comes to Afro Acid via Rotterdam, Holland, and has been in touch with the label since 2008, when he first came on board to help with A&R and label management.

With a performance log spanning from Europe to the US and even Africa, it's safe to say, no matter your location, that Alex π will stir up a substantial regimen of VIBRANT heat. Dedicated to the music, it is common to see Alex making efforts to visit the U.S. without any expectations other than to spread his art. Experimenting with three Decks, Alex π manifests styles of techno, electro and house that contain originality, soul and spirit.

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Boyd James

BOYD JAMES has been pushing electronic music in Jamaica for nearly two decades, and is partially responsible for pioneering the spread of house and techno in his home country. Starting DJing at age 14, Boyd got his first taste of house and techno in NYC from 1988-91. He left New York with a desire to bring that flavor of the underground to Jamaica. He has put on several large scale events and festivals in Jamaica, Mexico, and Argentina and held residencies at Asylum Night Club, 24kt, Godfathers, Quad, and Mirage.

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Venus Flytraxx

DJ Pierre met VENUS FLYTRAXX at the ADE (AmsterdamDanceEvent) in 2010. Since connecting they've collaborated on Pierre's abstract hit "Strobe Lights Lazer Disco" released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records. Loving the energy of Ms Flytraxx the Acid Creator also ft her vocals on the 2012 Carl Cox Techno remixes of Phutures classic 'We Are Phuture'.

When Venus isn't screaming "Acid Takes Control" on Pierre's Acid Tracks, she's also a seasoned DJ who spins as Fusion of Flytraxx across London—incorporating Acid, Techno, Jackin House and pushing to preserve the sound & legacy of her mentor and heroes. Recently Venus has been sharing her skills on stage as a special guest touring Europe as part of Pierre's legendary 'Acid Trax' supergroup PHUTURE. 

Watch out for new productions & remixes from Venus Flytraxx soon to be released on Afro Acid as Pierre continues to mentor this intergalactic being to share her musical Superhero powers on Planet Earth. 

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