NAzz The Hitmaker
Deeper Waters (EP)

Afro Deep

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NAzz. “The HitMaker”'s latest dance music EP, ’DEEPER WATERS’ opens with the titled track of the same name.”Deeper Waters” feature elements of Tech-house & Deep-house, which create a nocturnal tropical vibe. Fluttering percussion, shakers & hi-hats combine with subtle pulsating beats will drive this progressive groove. Soon into the track, vocal effects and swelling synth stabs peek themselves in and out of the mix. “Deeper Waters” will take you into a place where mystery rhythm & dance unite. 

“Promise Land” introduces smooth soulful-house chords from its start. Paying homage to the classic styles reminiscent of early 90’s Chicago house. Reminding us that music will lead you into “the promise land”! Positivity breathes as the powerful sermon speaks truth over a calmly building groove. Next, Loose yourself in a remote jungle surrounded by the pulse of nature! 

“The Sound” combines organic percussion, coupled with sultry spoken female vocals that will entice you to dance into night. Full of excitement and energy, swelling synth-textures build this track musically. A mysterious women tells you “Become a dance machine get lost within the sound!” 

The second half of the EP starts to grow deeper & darker. Kicking off with the Techno-House banger titled track “Sci-Tech”. Inspired by Detroit’s industrialist atmosphere. A Hard hitting ‘deep 4-4 beat’ sets off the groove just right. Growling sound textures submerse the booming sub kick as the song takes form. 

Ending ‘DEEPER WATERS’ with the percussive track “Follow us”. Take yourself to a private island anywhere in the world free of bounds, just dance! Vocals introduce ethnic styled drum patterns throughout. Organic instruments create a unique flow of groove rhythm. Sure to please any crowd culturally & spiritually. 

NAzz. Creates a “conflict-resolution” musically journey combining rhythm, hard beats and an intricate groove free of bounds. His appreciation for all forms of dance music is heard throughout. ‘DEEPER WATERS’ is a must have for any DJs satisfying music lovers of all kind!