Manny Cuevas ft. Josh Caffe
Master Blaster (Rework) / Darlin!

Afro Deep

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Apollo, Mykel Waters, Werkin’ Brother’z and Carlos Fuerte join DJ Pierre’s Afro Deep this June to remix Manny Cuevas and Josh Caffe’s ‘Master Blaster’ and ‘Darlin!’

Manny Cuevas, better known as DJ M-TRAXXX is cited to be Florida’s original house and techno DJ with his career spanning more than 30 years. Teaming up with him on this package is Night Sheen founder Josh Caffe, who has provided vocals for the likes of Hannah Holland, PJU and Robert Owens and has had releases on Nervous Records, Crosstown Revels and Snuff Trax to name a few.

Kicking things off, Cuevas and Caffe deliver their original Latin Pitch mix of ‘Master Blaster’ delivering fast paced, hard hitting drums, a thumping modulated bass and hypnotic vocals before leading into the instrumental mix of the cut.

Up next ‘Master Blaster’ is remixed in contrasting ways with Apollo and Werkin’ Brother’z opting for an ethereal take on things via cosmic synths and prominent bass lines while Mykel Waters delivers a more mellow vibe utilising choppy vocals and hypnotic pad swells. The final remix of ‘Master Blaster’ comes from Carlos Fuerte who focuses on the low rumbling subs and crunchy vocals.

Up next, Cuevas and Caffe offer up their second original track, ‘Darlin!’ with off-kilter synth stabs, a vacillating bass and an amalgamation of swinging metallic percussion which leads into the duos instrumental mix. Rounding off the package, Carlos Fuerte returns to deliver his remix of ‘Darlin!’ contrasting the original with syncopated rhythms, crisp synthesised blips and a 303 bassline to bring a well refined close to the package.

Manny Cuevas feat Josh Caffe drops on Afro Deep on 22nd June 2018.


1. Master Blaster (Rework) (Original Latin-Pitch Mix)
2. Master Blaster (Rework) (Instrumental Mix)
3. Master Blaster (Rework) (Apollo Remix)
4. Master Blaster (Rework) (Mykel Waters Remix)
5. Master Blaster (Rework) (Werkin’ Brother'z Remix)
6. Master Blaster (Rework) (Carlos Fuerte’s Low End Love Rub)
7. Darlin! (Original Latin-Pitch Mix)
8. Darlin! (Original Latin-Pitch Instrumental)
9. Darlin! (Carlos Fuerte’s Gravity Love Rub)